Here are some of the many testimonials received:


Nancy is great. I can count on her to "see" what needs to be done and to get it done each week. She is trustworthy, reliable, and passionate about what she does. I am very glad to have Nancy working with me to make my home an orderly, comfortable and attractive place for my family.

Helen Olson-Williams
Rochester, MN


When I met Nancy, her energy and enthusiasm just bubbled over when she talked with me about what she could do to help me clean and organize my house. She is trustworthy, and enjoys helping me be successful.

When I open my door to the house, after coming home from work, there is a "wow" that comes over me-a sense of calm-that makes me feel that I don't have to rush; and as a family, we can sit down and enjoy our meal together with surrounding ambiance! Part of the ambiance, is always a bouquet of flowers sitting on my counter, picked from MY landscape/garden area!

Karla Weis
Rochester, MN

Nancy does an amazing job....both inside and outside my home and in the preparation and catering of special parties/events. She is very energetic and enthusiastic, and I love to come home after she has been there and just take it all in.

Jackie Hall
Oronoco, MN